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Long Handle Soft Bath Brush
CHUAN SHENG BRUSH_  Long Handle Soft Bath Brush, Shower Skin Brush Product description High quality soft bath body brush with long handle In order to soften your skin, brushing when taking a bath or showering with shower gel Ergonomic design allows you to brush all th
CHUAN SHENG BRUSH_ Nail brush/ firm bristles
CHUAN SHENG BRUSH_ Nail brush/ firm bristles   Product description High quality durable firm bristles  Ergonomics design with firm bristle Remove the cuticle and massage your fingers With the soft brush, dirt can be cleaned easily.  Color and shape can be designed acc
Shell modeling nail brush
CHUAN SHENG BRUSH_ Shell modeling nail brush Product description:    1. High quality durable firm bristles    2.Remove the cuticle and massage your fingers    3.With the soft brush, dirt can be cleaned easily.    4.Color and shape can be designed according to customers’ request Chuan S

About Us

Chuan Sheng Brush Company established in May 1978 and we are operating a factory in Xizhi District.
Our main products include a wide range of face brushes, body brushes, bath brushes, nail brushes and plastic products. With at least eight years exporting experience, We focuses on not only the best service but also high quality. Japan and America has been the main trading partner of us.
Since 1978, we have exported to BASS, AXSTORES ...etc through Taiwan traders. In 2010, we started exporting our own product to Japan.
Chuan Sheng Brush highly values its long-term relationships with customers and we welcome domestic and international traders for export cooperation.
All products in ChuanShengBrush are made by Chi Mei Corp.-CM-207PMMA.
Work flow:
1. Incoming quality check for all materials and accessories.
2. Equipment optimization before bristles attachment.
3. Trimming and clearance after inspection.
4. Assembly and packing after quality assurance.
5. Shipping.
The rigorous quality check is designated to reduce the inspection cost from the customer side.


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